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Ftagshtml, navigation on fortran 77, 90 and "simple" C.

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Last release: 0.522, Saturday, June 29th, 2013.

Licence of ftagshtml.

ftagshtml is a free software under the GPL licence copyright: rights to use, modify, promote offered to anyone under the condition to let this copyright notice available.
The use of this software in a commercial software without leaving this notice is forbidden as specified in the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
Ftagshtml's modules also obey this GPL.

Synopsis of ftagshtml.

Ftagshtml is a software made to help developpers to navigate onto source code written in fortran 77, fortran 90 and C. Source code is transformed into HTML for browsing using Netscape or Emacs-W3.
  1. analyse of the routines's declarations using etags provided with emacs,
  2. same analysis using fortran 90, considering modules, functions or routines overloads, this does not use the etags program,
  3. localyzes the includes as well as the calls of functions and procedures that possess arguments, also analyzes calls to LaTeX marked with the '\input file' command,
  4. In option, builds a JavaScript supplementary index for each source file showing parents and sons of all the programmes of the file being analyzed.
  5. writes the HTML files to navigate on using Netscape partially fontifying source code (using an option). A tiny transformation of LaTeX into HTML is performed (titles, lists, references...)
  6. Build of the indexes with the option to also transform LaTeX '\input' files into HTML using hevea.
  7. In option, build of a LaTeX index to get a PDF file using pdflatex (even though your comments are nor written in LaTeX).
  8. As an option, build of an index for LaTeX2HTML in case you wish to get a direct link to your source code from a LaTeX document.. If RepEcrFtagshtmlCode is the directory where ftagshtml outputs, write
    at the beginning of your LaTeX document. You may refer to the function "Subroutine" in your source code writing
    in your LaTeX document.
  9. As an option, possibility to include calls to the CGI-perl script getin for intelligent search on fortran code.


  1. Compulsary. Install perl version 5 or more.
  2. Obligatoire. Install etags and make it available in your PATH variable.If you have emacs, this should be the case. If you use fortran 90 only, you do not need this step.
  3. Optional. For literate programming, install LaTeX2e, hevea and ocaml.
  4. Optional. You will need pdflatex to produce PDF output (shipped with linux).
  5. Uncompress and untar ftagshtml.tar.gz directly onto directory /usr/local/cessenat using
           mkdir -p /usr/local/cessenat && mv ftagshtml.tar.gz /usr/local/cessenat/.
           cd /usr/local/cessenat
           gunzip ftagshtml.tar.gz && tar xvf ftagshtml.tar
    then remove useless archive
           rm -f /usr/local/cessenat/ftagshtml.tar.gz
  6. Let the following environment variable evaluate to:
  7. If perl is not installed on /usr/bin/perl modify the first line of /usr/local/cessenat/bin/ftagshtml accordingly using the output of the command which perl (or whence perl on some none Linux or Solaris systems).
  8. To use netscape and literate programming using hevea, configure your browser.
More environment variables can be used to specify the colors ftagshtml will produce. Refer to the man page of tagshtml.

Command line options.

Refer to the man page of tagshtml.

Check the installation.

  1. Basic functionalities.
    On cessenat/example/ftagshtml/FORTRAN type
    ftagshtml -cgi "http://papitou.magic/cgi-perso" -conf "FORTRAN" -www "/code/FORTRAN/HTML/ftagshtml" -code "Fortran" -l2h -latexindex -hevea -I ./include *.f *.c
    and check the surf on cessenat/example/ftagshtml/HTML/ftagshtml/index.html is the same as the one on Program Fortran Exemple.

  2. Advanced functionalities.
    Type in
    ftagshtml -hevea -latexindex *.f *.c
    where comments are in LaTeX
    On HTML/ftagshtml type
    latex Lindex && latex Lindex && dvips -f Lindex.dvi -o Lindex.ps && pdflatex Lindex && xpdf Lindex.pdf &
    Check the file created there is identical to Program Fortran Example Format PDF.
  3. Advanced functionalities.
    ftagshtml -latexindex -hevea -l2h *.f *.c
    to get LaTeX2HTML external references
    On Example of a LaTeX documentation, type
    latex exemple && latex exemple && latex2html exemple
    Check the file created there is identical to LaTeX Documentation converted into HTML.

User's guide.

Refer to the man page of ftagshtml, espececially with respect to customization and LaTeX literate programming


emacs, perl, linux... my wife and my daughter who endeavour my passion for free software!
Olivier Cessenat <cessenat@free.fr>
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